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Youmacon 2006 Pictures!
The Prine.  His Throne.
Youmacon 2006 was my first Anime Convention ever! I never really thought I'd actually go to one but it's actually really fun! I'm already kinda thinking of making a costume ready for next year...LOL! But I dunno, I'm too shy to be doing that kind of thing...so anyway, on to the pictures!!! Enjoy 'cause there's a lot! ♥

Disclaimer: These cosplayers are definitely not my property but the pictures are, so please ask/tell me before you take and post them somewhere else. If you're one of these cosplayers and don't want your picture(s) here, please inform me and I'll take it down.

Yeha, it was lots of fun! DUH! In all three days that I went I only came home with a Paopu Fruit...^^;; That cost me $5 but I'm totally broke! ROFL!!! The only thing that sucked was that my camera battery died 5 hours into Saturday...like...WTF!? I was in the middle of taking pictures of the Kingdom Hearts group too! DAMMIT!!! ToT Note to self: BATTERY BACK-UP, YOU LOSER!!!

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*waves* I followed the link here from the Youmacon site. You don't have any of me (I was in the Masquerade the character no one knows with the Mushroom hat lol) BUT you did have some of my friends that I wasn't able to attain myself, so I took a couple and uploaded them to my photobucket account, and I have given you the cridet of taking the pictures ^_^

If you would like to see my massive collection here's the link to it, just pick the con and the year.


Thank you!!! I've been looking everywhere for a picture of Cody (a Reno cosplayer) and Thanks for posting these ^_^

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